The Is The Focal Point Of Polytheism Essay example

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Before this Surah was revealed to the Muslims, Makkah was the focal point of polytheism; it was the city of idolaters and homed to many a different religion, where the inhabitants would worship various false gods in hope of fortune and an overall better life. The main reason of revelation for this Surah was to remove all signs of polytheism within the holy city of Makkah and to restore the religious virtue of the city.
This particular Surah was revealed within three different periods;
1. The first of the three was in Dhul-Qa’da, the ninth year after migration to Madina and this consisted of the first thirty seven verses.
2. Verses thirty eight until and including seventy two were revealed in the same year as the first thirty seven verses but in the moth of Rajab, some scholars say that it was just before Rajab. These verses were revealed when Prophet (s.a.w) was making preparations for Tabuk. In this group of verses the believers had been encouraged to partake in the expedition, while the hypocrite were rebuked for holding back their wealth and not wanting to take part.
3. The final phase of the Surah was composed of verses seventy three until and including verse one hundred and twenty nine. Through my research I believe this was also in the ninth year after migration while the Muslim army was returning from the expedition of Tabuk.

The events discussed in this Surah took place after the treaty of Hudaibiyyah where a third Arabia had accepted Islam. This treaty was a very…

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