The Is The Death Penalty Essay

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There are many different aspects throughout our world that are constantly questioned and debated. One huge controversial topic that exists in our society is the death penalty. It has been an ongoing debate based on what is considered morally right and wrong. The television show I have been studying, Dexter, plays a big role in this topic and is considered a very controversial series. This series is about a blood spatter analyst named Dexter who has a little side job as a vigilante, or as the police force would call him the Bay Harbor Butcher. Considering he kills murderers who the police have not taken care of or have not yet had the chance to, this ends up being his own form of the death penalty which is carried throughout the whole series. His method of punishment has the audience either rooting for Dexter, or completely against him. Although he uses a more gruesome type of murder, it all leads back to the death penalty because he does what the justice system does not do. If the police do end up catching a murderer in the series, they do not perform the death penalty on that killer. Instead, the serial killer is imprisoned for life. In Dexter’s mind, by killing these murderers himself he is performing the death penalty on those who deserve it because he knows that if the police catch that killer, they will just be imprisoned. They will not get the punishment they truly deserve which he believes is death. In today’s society, there are many issues with this topic such as the…

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