The Is The Chronic Disease Of Hepatitis C ( Hcv ) Essay

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The topic of discussion that I have chosen for the webcast development assignment is the chronic disease of Hepatitis C (HCV). HCV is a disease that affects the liver and approximately 80% of the population has no idea they are infected with the disease. Complications of HCV do not occur until the terminal stages of end-stage liver disease. The rationale for selecting the topic of HCV and the disease process is to educate the population on taking the steps in being screened for HCV, especially if the individual falls into the following criteria: current or past intravenous drug use, received blood products prior to 1998, received transplanted organs that were infected with HCV, healthcare worker accidently stuck with a contaminated needle, and individuals who received a tattoo with infected instruments (Lee, Yang, Yuan, L’Italien, & Chen, 2014). According to the CDC (2014) individuals that were born between 1945 and 1965 should be tested once in their lifetime to inquire as to whether they are in the 80% of people who have no idea they have acquired HCV. With the screening performed in a timely manner, the disease process of HCV will be minimal and treatment will prevent hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
Target Audience of the Webcast The target audience of the webcast on HCV is the general population. Many individuals are infected with HCV and have no idea. In viewing the webcast video on HCV, the population will learn the following: the background of HCV, the…

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