Essay about The Is The Chemical Phenomenon?

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To make someone interested in science, we have to demonstrate the outcome a chemical phenomenon can give. To give them a deep desire to discover medicine, we may give them an unbearable experience. When I was still young, I lost my aunt in a night. My mother never told me the reason of my aunt’s death. I tried to guess but I could not since I had no idea. In the meantime, my passion in pharmacy grew, though I was told was heart disease when I had grown up. In addition, since my grandfather died of bacterial infection in my junior high school year, my desire to learn about medicines for healing patients’ suffering from illness was increased. Although it still seems a ridiculous notion to me, I will attempt to make it comes true.

It is my constant the curiosity, which takes me into contact with this unknown world. I have always been attracted to the mysterious since my childhood and I decided to study science subjects in my secondary school. During my junior high school years, I was seldom kept in touch with anything about science and pharmacy, but I attended the Drama Club which significantly improved my interpersonal skills. Thanks to participating in Biology Club whilst at upper secondary school, I acquired more knowledge about the human body and particularly with regard to neuroscience, which lead me closer to the field of Biology and Chemistry. Furthermore, I am grateful that I took part in a study camp at the National Taiwan University in secondary year 2 and a science…

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