The Is The Biggest Sport Advocate Of Basketball Players Worldwide

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A true athlete knows how much a sport can take out of a person, both figuratively and literally, and creating any sport is just as difficult as playing one. Without a doubt, Senda Berenson was the biggest sport advocate to show true perseverance and determination because she plowed through her obstacles, overcame restrictions, and had incredible persistence. Although Berenson can be argued as the biggest sport advocate to basketball players worldwide, so can James Naismith because he showed great amounts of perseverance in his successful attempt of creating men 's basketball, eight years prior to Berenson. It is essential to understand that the first women 's basketball game did use James Naismith 's version of the game, but Berenson later changed the rules and had a Spalding rulebook officially made with the gender - sensitive rules ("A New Woman: A New Game") in order to increase the safety of the sport in regards to a women 's capabilities. Feminism during this time was also extremely restricting, causing for Berenson 's version of the game to catch fire like damp kindling. The age in which they were working didn 't necessarily prohibit legitimate women sports and the students only real option if they wanted to play sports was gymnastics, which could be conducted through Smith College along with several other colleges at that time. Essentially the civil population, mainly made up of narrow-minded men, assumed that it was a man 's place to play sports and for women to do…

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