Essay on The Is The Best Warrior?

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In Homeric times, war and the ideas of timé, kleos, and aidos were closely tied to everything in life. Paris, a prince, is the most attractive man in Troy and plays a key part in the creation of the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. However, while he has received “the gifts of Aphrodite”, Paris doesn’t receive much respect or honor from his fellow Trojans due to his lack of success on the battlefield. On the other hand, his brother Hector is the bravest and one of the best warriors the Trojans have in their army. In The Iliad, Homer uses tools such as sarcasm and important Greek terms in order to show the contrast in personalities between Hector’s selflessness and strict morals versus Paris’ degrading and shame-free life that he leads. Ultimately, Homer makes clear through his mockery of Paris, that in Homeric times, the most important thing to be is the best warrior.

When it comes to being a man, Paris is always trying to go to bed with his wife. After being rescued from his duel with Menelaus by Aphrodite, Paris is put back into his bedroom in Troy where “he calls for [Helen],” (pg 141, line 450). When Helen arrives in the bedroom and speaks to Paris, she is bombarded with words of love from Paris as he requests for them to, “lose [themselves] in love,” because Paris’ “longing for [Helen] overwhelms [him], “ and his, “ hunger for [her] now, irresistible longing lays [him] low,” (pg 143, lines 517-18, 523-524). Paris says these lines right after he and Helen finish…

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