The Is The Best Singer Of All Time Essay

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Taylor Swift is the best singer of all time. That is the truth. Now, wait a minute. Am I serious? Yes, I am. That is my belief, and I believe in it with a burning passion. Some people might share my belief. However, most people I know would think this statement is a complete joke. Why is that? I have learned from my many years of living on this planet called Earth that people have different beliefs that they consider as truth. But how do they get the truth? Students of all ages attend school to discover truth. In school, history taught me that George Washington was the first president of the United States, and biology taught me that the mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. Is this the truth? Just because I can flip open a 1,000-paged textbook and find those facts, it does not mean they are true. Everything we learn in school could be just propaganda, and the truth will never be found. I could open a textbook about American history, and many different outcomes could occur. If it was written in the United States, it would praise each American hero and show how great America is. However, if it was written by a British author, it will most certainly slam the Americans and their actions during the American Revolutionary War. Because of this, truth is lost in translation due to the fact the books are written by the victor or written using their predisposed bias towards their native feelings and perspectives. This means truth is not universal because truth is a belief that…

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