The Is The Best Reputation When It Is A Transportation Service That Uses Technology

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For those who are not aware of what Uber is, it is a transportation service that uses technology,

such as mobile apps to connect drives with passengers. This is a very popular business in the big

cities. With technology becoming more and more prevalent and expanding more then ever this

is a great idea. But of course, with every great idea comes competitors seeking to do the same

thing but only better. And according to recent news reports and blogs, Uber is not liking this at

all and does not have the best reputation when it comes to being an ethical company. One blog

refers to them as the "most ethically challenged company in Silicon Valley." According to CNN,

Uber is using aggressive and questionable tactics in its effort to stay on top of the car-on-

demand market. Their biggest competitor is another transportation company called Lyft which

has the same business model. Lyft offers the same value to consumers using the same

technique of the mobile apps which instantly dispatches a driver to your location at the touch

of a button. According to the article, Lyft reported that Uber employees were engaging in

unethical conduct by ordering and canceling more than 5,000 Lyft rides since October of 2013

“it’s the taxi app version of ding-dong ditch.” Peter Theil an investor in Lyft stated "Uber is on

the brink of pushing the envelope too far." By constantly making these false request for drivers

it is making it harder for Lyft to be available for when actual real…

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