The Is Passion Of The Christ Which Was Directed By Mel Gibson

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Hollywood draw so much attention and they are full of cursing, adultery, drugs, and sex. Entertainment is a definite distraction and distracts someone from their purpose. We get caught up in the world’s so-called entertainment and we forget. Hollywood at one point produced many movies dipicting biblical stories, maybe it can be saved. They have been doing remakes of very popular biblical movies. A well liked movie was Passion of the Christ which was directed by Mel Gibson, I was unable to understand his religious background, but he believes you cannot be saved outside of the church. Keep in mind that religion is abused by people because it is a big business and is being capitalized on by just about anyone, well Hollywood may have just tapped into a monetary resource. There are more and more upcoming Christian movies. Entertainers have been rewarded for their acting and comedic abilities and are given awards for their overall performances. One such award is the Mark Twain award it is given to actors and actresses who are comedians. Mark Twain’s religious preference is that he believes in God, but he doesn’t believe in the scriptures or revelation in the Bible.

Origin of Secularism Secularism was originated in the Western world or the western culture and took place as early as the 9th century. Part of the western world included Europe which was part of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was the largest region in the world. As time went on there were…

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