Essay about The Is Not The Same Person?

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You think you know a guy, and then he pulls some shit and all of a sudden, it 's like he 's not the same person anymore. And damn, does it freak you out. It 's enough to keep you awake late at night, your covers pulled over you and darkening your vision, acting like a barrier to anything that could harm you. You don 't talk about it in the morning, though. And who would you talk to, anyway? What would you say? Besides, by then, none of it even happened. As far as anyone else knows, anyway.

See, it 's like with your dad, your real dad, even though you don 't remember him much, you felt like you knew him back when you were little. He wasn 't as bad at first - he 'd throw the ball with you and play catch, he let you try your first beer, and you think he was pretty nice to your mom, too, seemingly friendly, because she used to be different, too. Not like now, all screamy and snippish, but kinder, gentler, maybe even happier. The way you remember it, things were okay, until they took a sharp turn and everything went to shit - your parents fighting more and more, Angela crying, and Tim turning colder, older, in a way, until your old man packed up and left you all with barely a goodbye.

Things ain 't ever that easy, though. You reckon you just didn 't notice the bad shit until it really blew up, since you were a kid back then and were never as aware as your brother, or even sister, since everything is just so foggy to you now, and your memory only seems to get dimmer. You 've…

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