The Is Not Mentally, Mentally Insane And Locked Away Essay examples

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When one attempts to make new acquaintances, one cares little for small talk. Instead, people tend to care more about a potential friend’s motivation and mentality. First they judge your mental state, then judge your actions based on their critique. Society 's definition of insane is not mentally insane and locked away, but will deem a troublesome person as insane. Being labeled as “troublesome” is enough for society to deem the insane’s actions as wrong; if deemed sane, then one’s actions are overlooked, even if those actions are the same. So the question readers may be asking is “what is the author’s motive and mentality?” I’ll tell you that by society’s standards, I am a sane person with all the right motives to make the world better, but I beg to differ.
I may be ‘healthy’ according to the archaic definition for healthy- being well physically with no illness. Recently, the definition has changed in order to factor in six different dimensions of health. Reader, consider the quality of your own health after reading my self evaluation.
Physical health is the first of six dimensions of health. The goals of physical health are maintaining overall physical health and engage in appropriate physical activity. I have muscles, and I can move freely, which leads me to think that I am physically sound. I do not exhibit a great running stamina, but I can sprint around bases of a softball field. I intermittently work out at least once every week. Additionally, I play softball four…

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