The Is Not A Lightning Rod 's A Storm Of Creativity Essay

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The writer is not a lightning rod in a storm of creativity. Most of the time spent writing is a dedicated work that, in addition to planning, information search and development of ideas, involves smooth things, track the right word, burnishing the sculptor-like rough surfaces embed the appropriate link for the words to flow smoothly between phrases, add reliefs where you need to change the rhythm of the text, clarify meanings, mute chorus, expand ideas and dialogues, remove tangled paragraphs, correcting distractions and frivolities (Chaffee, 2014).
Writing not only is to clarify and organise information to make it more understandable, involves exercise control over the issue, which is achieved through an organised writing: a text that has a beginning, middle and an ending that does not depart from the approach essential. Not surprisingly texts constructed logical order read, understood and better than shuffle remember (Hinkel, 2013).

Planning is a phase of pre-writing in which time is spent generating content, respond to the demands of the global organisation of the composition, to the needs of the reader and the subject. Prewriting consists of a series of activities to be carried out to find a topic, choose a genre (form of writing), produce ideas, gather information, and define the audience. It is important to know who will read the writing. In the classroom, in general, does the teacher. It is worth noting who the audience and refers to it occasionally…

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