The Is It There Yet? Essay

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“Is it there yet?” is the text message my mom received from me for over two consecutive months. My mom works close to home and would take her lunch break the same time every day. During her lunch break was also the same time the Karen, the mail women would drop off the mail. Since I knew that the mail was dropped off, I knew I would not be able to concentrate for the rest of the school day not knowing if my acceptance or denial letter was sitting at home. Finally, one day the response to the text message was “yes, it is here, see you when you get home,” Although, I wanted to open the letter myself I told my mom she had to open it. She responded, “Congratulations, you have been accepted to Eastern Illinois University.” The emotions I felt are indescribable, my entire body was taken over by the goose bumps. Choosing the right college or university to attend can be a difficult decision for many students. When I was a junior in high school, after visiting a number of colleges I knew exactly where I wanted to attend to receive undergraduate degree. Eastern Illinois University was the perfect match for me. Not only was my brother Rob and best friend Katelyn, attending Eastern as well, it was the just the right size campus. During my campus visit, everyone was so welcoming and I simply felt like I belonged there. My experience at Eastern Illinois University is one I will never forget. However the day I walked across the stage and was handed my diploma, my satisfaction did not…

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