The Is An Online Ai Program That Any User Can `` Have A Conversation?

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Cleverbot is an online AI program that any user can “have a conversation” with. To use the program, one simply has to log onto the host website and type ANY random phrase into the conversation box, be it sensical, nonsensical, inappropriate, innocent...the options are limitless. The AI will then respond, conversation-style, with something similar or related. The nature of this program has baffled many people, and even the creators of the site claim that the average user will feel as if they are having a conversation with a real, sentient human being.
Cleverbot 's capabilities stem from its capacity to "learn" from the users it talks to. For example, it will learn all possible responses to questions like "how are you?" based on how human users respond to the question when asked. On occasion, Cleverbot will even "sing" lyrics to popular songs, speak in different languages, or "have opinions" about certain social topics, based on what human users think and feel.
Because this machine and other similar machines (Akinator, 21Q, Evie) are able to learn information from its many users and recall it when prompted, it raises the question of whether machines are capable of, or will soon be capable of, human-like thought.
Alan Turing, the father of the modern computer, believed that eventually, machines would get to the point where they would be able to think for themselves, much like humans do. He developed the Turing Test, which measures for levels of intelligence in a…

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