The Is An App That Functions As A Physical Trainer Essay

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The United States as a country is very unhealthy. We as a population have developed very unhealthy eating, living, and exercise habits. The shear amount of processed, unhealthy food is gigantic and in today’s America it is near impossible to eat natural, healthy food. We live unhealthy because most of us are sedentary and rarely exercise. When we do decide to exercise, most of us go to the gym and aimlessly go machine to machine and try to figure out how to exercise. The average person does not know how to exercise in a way that will maximize gains while maintaining healthy posture. myCollegeTrainer aims to fix that. myCollegeTrainer is an app that functions as a physical trainer. The app will give incentivized meal/exercise plans that will get students healthy in a fun way. This app focuses on a college aged audience, because these years are the most pivotal in a person’s life. Mary Gowin, a researcher at the University of Oklahoma, proclaims that “College students are at particularly high risk of weight gain, with estimates between 4 and 9 pounds in the first year of college. In addition, weight gain in college students does not stop with the first year but compounds over the entire time a young adult is in college” (Gowin 223). If a college student can develop good exercise and eating habits, then they will continue to carry those habits and stay healthy their whole lives. But if they don’t, they will continue their unhealthy eating habits and develop negative health…

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