The Is A Thief Of Intangible Things Essay

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Shared dreaming allows one to get inside of another’s mind unlocking thoughts from deep within, stealing information that one would not release in reality, this is called extraction. Dom Cobb is a spy who specializes in this exact thing. He is a thief of intangible things, he is a thief of ideas, secrets, and other various thoughts enclosed within the human mind. In the movie Inception, Cobb finds himself on the run for a murder he may or may not have committed, longing to see his children’s faces one more time, he takes an offer he feels as if he cannot resist. Cobb is offered a chance to see his children again as long as he can do one simple thing: exactly what he has been trained to do, except the complete opposite. He is asked to delve into the subconscious of a rather wealthy, soon to be inheritor of a multi-million-dollar energy company and instead of take information, plant information in his mind. Cobb, and his team of genius dreamers, face many obstacles along the way to place this thought inside of the son’s mind, but the greatest of all might possibly be closer than they could even imagine: in Cobb’s subconscious. As the plot carries on, many scenes are flooded with a reoccurring symbol that drives more importance than one would realize watching for the first time through. Water is a vital part of life and a rather vital part of the movie Inception.
The movie opens up with Cobb washing up on the beach, waves rising and braking in slow motion. The director uses…

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