The Is A Term That Means The Study Of Jesus Christ Essay

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Christology is a term that means the study of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, who was both fully human and fully God. Jesus Christ’s role to the Christian belief is that he is known for redeeming people of their sins. Christians can interact and learn of the teachings and the works of Jesus through the New Testament. The New Testament gives the accounts of the life of Jesus, so by connecting and learning these works Christians gain an idea of who Jesus is and what he stood for. There are many heresies that come with the study of Jesus Christ. Apollinarianism is the belief that Jesus is less than fully human. This means that God had taken over the human body of Jesus while he walked the Earth, therefore he had no free will and he could not have been tempted. Second is Eutychianism, which means God undone Jesus’s humanity. This meant that Jesus’s divinity was dominated by His humanity, very similar to the way that the ocean would overpowered a drop of vinegar. Last Nestorianism means theologians try to find a way to sort which nature is held responsible for all of the actions Jesus does. In 451, the Council of Chalcedon was a meeting held so church members could come to an agreement on Christology. They came to the conclusion that Christ is fully human and also fully divine. Practicing Christology means Christians must strive to become more like Christ. One way in which they can become more like Christ is through suffering. Suffering in life allows for…

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