The Is A Process Of Change Essay

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Reinvention is a process of change; it means to make something again, but in a different form. There are many things in life you can reinvent, one of the most relevant examples would be oneself. A person could reinvent himself, and turn their entire outlook on life around. Michelle Knight is an example of someone who reinvented herself, and changed for the better.Michelle Knight endured a rough childhood and eleven years of torture in her kidnapper 's house, that made her feel hopeless and lost. With support and love from her community, and a strong faith in God, and the hope to see her son, Knight evolved into a brave, and courageous role model for young girls all over the world.
Growing up, Michelle was forced to live a rough childhood. Michelle had moved often, but one area she remembers is Tremont, Ohio. Michelle’s family consisted of her mother, her father, her twin brothers, Eddie and Freddie, and various other family members that came in and out of Michelle 's Life. Knight’s family was very poor. The rooms at her house were always filled with her cousins, or siblings, ,which made it hard for her to even find a place to sleep. “I didn’t have a bedroom that was just mine. My cousins and I were always being switched into different rooms. Where are you sleeping tonight? one of my aunts once asked me. I dont know. I Told her.I’ll just find a spot” (Knight 8). Knight never received any privacy, and couldn’t sleep comfortably. Along with poor sleeping conditions,…

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