The Is A Permanently Frozen Layer Below The Earth 's Surface Essay

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Permafrost Thawing
According to National Geographic, “Permafrost is a permanently frozen layer below the Earth 's surface. It consists of soil, gravel, and sand, usually bound together by ice. Permafrost usually remains at or below 0C (32F) for at least two years”. The most frequent places you will find permafrost is in the Northern Hemisphere, mostly found in Siberia, northern Canada, Alaska and Greenland. Because of the longevity of the lasting permafrost, a plethora of infrastructure has been built on the very ground that permafrost exist. But now, for some reason, these infrastructures has been dismantled and the environment is literally collapsing. The dismantling and collapsing of these environment and it’s buildings inevitably caused the civilians and even the animals relocate to a safer environment.
It is no coincidence that the very infrastructure that is built on permafrost is collapsing but instead a correlation. The reason for the sudden change in the environment is because the permafrost is thaw. The permafrost is a permanent layer of frozen soil that is beneath the Earth’s surface. When the permafrost begin to thaw it becomes like anything else that unthaws. The rigid, permanent structure that it once was now became lose and now has no definition. Now the building and roads that was built on the very same ground slopes and moves because the ground now slopes and moves. So one might ask how the permafrost began to thaw in the first place?
The permafrost…

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