The Is A Common Myth That Many Incoming College Students Experience

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Freshman fifteen. It is a common myth that many incoming college students experience. It is claimed that upon entering college, freshman gain fifteen pounds on their first year at school. This may be due to lack of knowledge for proper food choices previously made by their family members. Trying to eat healthy is difficult if students heavily rely on food from the cafeteria or fast food nearby. As a incoming college freshmen that spent his summer learning how to cook, I would like to explain how to create an easy and simple dish that expresses personal preference. This dish is called, “fried rice.” The main ingredient is rice. A common household item is a rice cooker and instructions should be followed in making the designated amount of rice, however, if you do not have one then a pot is an alternative. Two or three cups of rice is recommended for a single serving and four or more for a family dinner. Be sure to use clean tap water to wash the rice before cooking. The proper water to rice ratio is for every cup of rice it requires two cups of water. Use the stove and boil the water on low heat for twenty minutes. The rice should be ready when there is no water remaining. Another aspect of a fried rice dish is the types of proteins within it. Such as scrambled eggs and another version of protein like sausages, spam, chicken breast, and beef. Dicing, or cutting ingredients into bite size cubes, is recommended for a fried rice recipe. Making scrambled eggs using two or…

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