Essay about The Is A College Degree But Is It All Really Worth It?

1045 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 null Page
Many jobs today require some kind of college degree but is it all really worth it? From Steve Jobs to Bill Gates these famous entrepreneurs dropped out of college because they felt that they were “wasting [their] time (Isaacson).” Consequently, this sparked a massive, controversial outrage among college professors. But again, is a college degree really worth it? Is this a matter of universities making profit out of approaching students or a judgmental viewpoint to determine whether a young, fresh employee is cut out to earn a position at his/her job…or both? Is it fair for jobs to choose a person with a higher degree over a person with experience? What’s the difference? In opposition to college degrees, I think that it’s agreeable that most universities are part of the corporate world. They use students as profits to pay for their programs and other inside costs provided by the university. I formulated that conclusion after reading this quote, “Many colleges around the country are continuing to spend money on expanding or improving their facilities (Harriman).” Now that you know where our tuition costs are going, this is how colleges are part of the corporate world. Each year, the tuition costs increases and it will likely increase in the next three years. Could this be a part of the reason that universities want everyone to go to college? I believe so because after all, everybody has to make money right? That’s the only way to survive from the struggling economy. It also…

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