Essay on The Is A Being A Doctor

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In Uganda, a being a doctor is both an interesting and challenging job. Everyday am faced with terminally ill patients yet for some of them you can barely do anything to change the situation; however, most of these patients have the largely preventable illness but they come to the hospital when the disease is adverse. Of course, there are various reason to explain this scenario in the Ugandan Context. Most people point out the lack access to essential health care and medicines as the cause of the problem. As a young doctor, this situation has led me to my quest for answers to why so many people continue to die of largely of preventable illness and what can we do to improve people’s health. In the search for Knowledge I have enrolled in several online public health programmes to learn about Global Health, Epidemiology, Health Economics, Management in Health, and Primary Health Care from various institutions all over the world. Furthermore, I have been previously involved in various student advocacy programs and projects on m-health, access to contraception and cervix cancer screening and some of these programs have attachment certain groups of people. Recently I have been involved in a baseline for Global health Security partner engagement project funded by CDC to assess the ability of Ugandan Hospital to detect Contain and surveillance for health threats possess by infectious…

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