The Irony Of Feeding The Innocent Human Essay

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The irony of feeding the innocent human the idea of war to fulfil its hunger War never changes, the conflict brought about by human nature is timeless; this is evident in the commonalities found through the evaluation of “Harlem” by Langston Hughes, which was written during World War II , and “Out, Out” by Robert Frost, which was written during World War I. One of the major goals of human existence is to fulfil the human condition, and the human condition is not satisfied without constant evolution. Constant evolution comes at a lofty price, and that price is often paid in blood. “Out, Out” by Robert Frost is about a boy that lost his hand to a buzz saw by being oblivious to the safety of his hand when his sister called him to supper. The boy called out to his sister and begged her to stop the doctor who had come to help the boy from cutting off his hands, but he failed to notice that his hands were already too far gone so it was removed without a care. Moments later he was put under a form of anesthesia and eventually succumbed to death by bleeding out. Once he was pronounced dead everyone simply returned to their own business, having realized that there was nothing more to the situation that would benefit them.
This narrative poem was written in a free form style with no rhyming schemes. This free form style is symbolic of the unpredictable nature of the boy’s life and how it was cut at random. Frost also uses alliteration of the s sound suggests a snakelike quality,…

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