The Irish Potato Famine Changed Ireland Essay

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Devastating and Drastic, the Irish Potato Famine changed Ireland in a variety of ways. Farmers and regular people were starving to death due to the lack of healthy potatoes. The people in Ireland were extremely dependent on potatoes and when the blight came the economy went down. As the fungus spread throughout the country, people began to lose their main source of food. Since the people in Ireland depended on the potato, it made the population cripple with the lack of a healthy food. The Irish Potato Famine was not only a huge drop in population, but emigration, and a quality living for many people. As the rise in the dependence of potato grew the people of Ireland started to make a living on the growing them. The potato became a living for many people in Ireland. The potato was an easy crop to grow and thrived in the harsh Irish climate. Since the potato became such a reliable crop it help expanded the population from 4 million to 8 million. This easy way of living is what made Ireland such a desirable place to make a living. Ireland was expanded so fast it was only a matter of time until it eventually crashed. That crashed happened in 1845 from the arrival of the potato blight. As the blight spread the million of people dependent on the potato crop started to become sick. This lead to hundred of thousands dying and even more lying sick in their homes. James Mahoney an artist who lived in Cork, Ireland at the time said “...the horrors of poverty became visible, in the…

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