The Iranian Revolution Of Iran Essay

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The Iranian Revolution of 1979 changed not only the government of Iran, with its fundamentalist Islamic overthrow of the Pahlavi monarchy; this event furthermore impacted the political and religious climate of the countries surrounding it as well. The revolution ushered in an era of transformation in the Middle East. This effect on other nations, primarily due to the nature of the regime transformation Iran underwent, lasted for decades and into the twenty-first century. The nation of Iran transformed itself into a so-called religious republic, specifically an Islamic one, where nothing of similar creation had stood as a country for some time. As this government of Islamic rule in Iran established itself within its country, the more other states with Islamic populations considered the formation of a similar form of government for themselves. However, Iran did not become religiously led after the fall of the shah through pure happenstance. In the years of Mohammad Reza’s reign as the Shah of Iran, his policies and actions ushered in a powerful religious disagreement and anger that arose in rebellion in the 1970’s, a revolution that created the religiously centered nation known as the Islamic Republic of Iran. The country of Iran grew into its potential for an Islamic takeover throughout most of the twentieth century, perhaps beginning with the rise of Reza Khan, the creator of the “Pahlavi monarchy” after his failure to “set up a republic,” when he overthrew the Qajars in…

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