The Involvement Of Women During The United States Essay

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The involvement of women in domestic terrorism and warfare in the United States has been poorly explored by counterterrorist actors, scholars, and policy makers. This is because the experiences of females in armed conflict are different to those of men, due to the perceived gendered share of responsibilities and roles. Historically, direct combat was exclusively recognized as the affairs of men, with many children and women being the victims due to direct targeting and displacement. Thus, women have been frequently classified as victims of torture, gender-based violence, murder, and forced disappearance (LaFree & Ackerman, 2009). However, in the modern warfare, women have been not only victims of violence but also perpetrators of terrorism. They can easily access arms and voluntarily or involuntarily organise violent acts (Herath, 2012). Women participate actively in organised warfare and rebellion in various societies including here in the U.S. They have unexplored history of engaging in violent extremism, domestic terrorism, international terrorism, altering gender relations, and transgressing traditional gender roles (Tessler & Robbins, 2007). This means that the exploration of women engagement in terrorism cannot be ignored any longer.

This paper seeks to interrogate the scope and scale of women involvement in homegrown terrorism in the United States of America. It will thus determine if the United States counterterrorism policies should consider addressing women. The…

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