The Involvement Of Religion And School Essay

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The involvement of religion in school is a necessity. School officials believe religion is something that is to be kept out of school. Religion in schools will only make school environments for both; the students and the teachers. The freedom and ability of students to openly express their selves at school will make the students want to actually come to school. Teachers and school officials want students to enjoy their time at school, but the teachers do nothing to prove that the student’s comfort is of their interest. To some, religion is a very important aspect of life. If a student gets into trouble for wearing a shirt with a cross on it because it offends someone, how is okay for a kid to wear a t-shirt full of cartoon characters that could possibly offend one of their peers? Religion is something that should have been an educational priority right from the beginning. The right of students to explore and dig deeper into religion can create a better school environment. Haley, a young fifteen year old girl; from the small town of Louisburg, grew up in schools that prohibited religion involvement at or on school grounds. Allowing students to be able to share and freely talk about their religion at school can help change many of the students for the better. Teachers are allowed to teach children about the cold, known facts of Hitler’s reign, for example, yet students are not allowed to rightfully discuss their religion with the whole class. There are many teenagers out…

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