The Involvement Of Aboriginal Women Within The Criminal Justice System

1387 Words Oct 5th, 2015 6 Pages
In the preceding years the general number of indigenous women involved within the penal systems has been noticeably increased across different countries. However, the reasons behind are constantly submerged and ignored within the criminal justice system. In fact, these aboriginal women are suffered from the experiences of victimization no matter in their childhood or in their adulthood, or other justifications which lead them to the legal justice system. Victimization defines the minority group of women have been exposed to harm in their histories including physical, mental and/or child sexual abuse and trauma which are highly placing them in stress and engaging into criminal activities (DeHart, 2004). This essay will discuss four main issues related to the involvement of aboriginal women in criminal justice system and three problems which linked to victimization of them respectively. On the one hand, firstly, the over-representation of imprisonment rate of indigenous women in relation to the harsh sentencing structure within the penal system. Secondly, the intersection of gender and ethnicity in the experiences of aboriginal women within the judicial system. Next, the hyper-responsibility is accountable for the marginalization which imposed on indigenous women by the polices and legal advocates. Lastly, the penal system is problematic to the coloured women who mostly have previous history of abuse and trauma. On the other hand, initially, the commonness of indigenous women…

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