The Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison Essay

1427 Words Dec 19th, 2016 6 Pages
We should fear those who wish to be unseen. Yes, this logic appears hard to grasp. Why should we fear someone who can enhance the attention we receive from others? Especially if those “others” carry titles like: talent scout, hiring manager, William Martin, President, or Bachelorette. But, this thought is inaccurate. The invisibility of certain groups may actually expose us to more strife than success; more oppression than opportunity. At least, this sentiment is what Ralph Ellison seems to express in his novel, Invisible Man. Within these pages, we discover black characters like the Invisible Man and Clifton who are rendered undetectable in multiple ways. White women, Ras, and the Brotherhood then prey on their invisibility with the goal of completing their agendas, and in the process completing the destruction of these black character’s worlds. For Ralph Ellison, the ultimate issue of invisibility for a black man is that it amplifies the visibility of those who aren’t invested in him. The first group that preys on the invisibility of black men in the text is white women, and Ellison issues this point early in the novel. The battle royal scene of chapter one is initiated with the hypnotic dance of a nude, blonde white woman. The Invisible Man finds himself captivated by the woman and feels as if his visibility is heightened: “… and yet to stroke where below the small American flag tattooed upon her belly her thighs formed a capital V. I had a notion that of all in the room…

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