The Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison Essay

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People often have misunderstandings when it comes to just looking at a person’s outer physical appearance. It takes a more thorough examination of a person to determine their individual inner personal qualities. People tend to judge quickly without knowing what the inner qualities of the person might really be. It’s like the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
The unnamed protagonist is seen differently when the so-called “superior white man” approaches him. The White Americans treat all of the African Americans the same way because of the image they are given as being ill mannered and uneducated. The Invisible Man by, Ralph Ellison discusses invisibility and visibility where he talks about how blacks are physically seen through the outer eye while in the inner eye their soul is camouflaged by ignorance and prejudice. In the beginning of The Invisible Man, Ellison is involved in underground boxing matches against nine other black men. It is obvious that the white men betting on the outcome of these brutal matches aren’t concerned with whom these black men truly are on the inside. Instead they perceive each one to be just another black man with no soul. The common element of the Invisible Man is social injustice, brutality and death. The narrator remains unnamed throughout his writing. His encounters slowly guide him to his search for his true inner identity. In The Turn of The Screw, the former governess and her husband died leaving the two children, Flora…

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