Essay on The Invisible Man And The Help

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My Findings: A constant reminder we are a state with the right policies

My Friends, we have gathered here today for the annual Pre-Equality Book Analysis to listen to the reviews of The Invisible Man and The Help, two texts which tell us what it was like before the Equality Revolution. The pre-equality era was plagued by racism, , sexism and unequal rights. It is imperative that we study these texts so we can understand what hardships our ancestors faced long ago to make sure we don’t face such situations today. Such instances would damage our integrity because we are a state of liberty and absolute equality where people are not looked down upon and have the freedom to be themselves. Everyone can assert individuality!

The Invisible Man is a book which was written in 1952 by Ralph Ellison. It is about the life journey of a nameless and faceless narrator. The book is basically the narrator’s travels from the deep south to the north and everywhere he goes he is mistreated and judged. The institutions he joins also try to take advantage of him, for example, the brotherhood which makes use of his public speaking skills to its advantage. Furthermore, he is always supposed to act like any other black man from society and is thus deemed ‘invisible’. There was an instance in the book which was about the narrator being invited to a white bachelor’s party to give his graduation speech. Here even before he could give his speech he was told to have a blindfolded boxing match…

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