Female Perpetrators In Domestic Abuse

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The Invisible Abuser
Throughout history, people have become accustomed to only seeing male perpetrators in domestic abuse. The image of the male being the stronger, more dominant figure is plastered in people’s minds. The male hits, bruises and scars the woman for life. The woman has an outreach and plenty of resources to help her get out of the abusive relationship. However, women also exist as perpetrators. Many female perpetrators share the same characteristics and have the same motives for abusing their partners. Often, people never hear about this because men do not reach out as much as women.
The definition for domestic violence states, “a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain
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and 6 a.m. (“Domestic Violence: Statistics and Facts”). While men tend to abuse a woman in a less severe way, women tend to inflict more severe injuries on a man. A minor violent act would states that a person can “spank, push, grab, slap, or throw something”, while a major violent act entails the classification of “kick, biting, hitting with fist, hit or try to hit with something, beat up the other, threaten with a knife or gun, or use a knife or gun” (Cook 2). While the national average states that 1.8 million women represent victims of severe violence, 2 million men represent victims of severe violence (Cook 3).These acts of domestic abuse most likely occur between the times of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. (“Domestic Violence: Statistics & Facts”). These alarming statistics should cause people to believe that women also abuse …show more content…
Women even have an act entitled “Violence Against Women Act.” This act protects women from rape and violence committed by men (The White House).“. Men do have shelters, however most do not know they exist. When a man abuses a woman, the man has isolated her from a job, family and friends. The woman does not have financial stability, therefore she has to go seek a shelter house. The man has higher financial stature and the woman will most likely not isolate him from his job. The man sees himself as financially stable and therefore will not go seek help. However, just because the man has money, does not mean he should not seek professional help. Often times, this acts as the factor as to why men do not report the abuse. Going through domestic abuse takes a mental toll on everyone, men

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