The Investigation Of The Planet Earth Essay

1016 Words Jun 20th, 2016 null Page
In the investigation of the planet Earth, research has revealed an event called a concert that is related to a series of notes the humans call music. It involves the humans in groups watching other humans perform strange activities with and without objects that create different sounds on a platform. The group of humans watching these performances vary in size from a small number such as eight to hundreds of thousands of humans in attendance. Concerts occur either outside where there is more space or inside their structures. The humans who attend concerts give the performing humans a currency to gain access to the performance. The more interesting sector of these concert is that they have different sounds attributing to the atmosphere of the concert. The interaction before the concert start is of interest. The humans use some sort of technology in order to capture the moments before the concert. It is something like a freeze in time but only on the device. The humans share these time freezes with other humans on the device as if to alert humans who are not in attendance of their presence at the concert. The humans might be natural sharers, and they might feel the need to report to everyone their current activities at these events. Some seem to share their experiences at concerts out of pure entertainment and others to boast about their whereabouts. It is unclear whether these actions actually affect others; however, they do seem to engage humans who are not attending the…

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