Essay on The Investigation Of The Civil Rights Organization

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The investigation process should require the person accused to be suspended without pay until found not guilty. The department in which the case was filed should not investigate the issue another department should. People find it hard to understand how a complaint is made and investigated by the same teammates that may work with the accused. “Judges, for their part, ought to ensure that the plaintiffs be given a full opportunity to air their grievances in court” (Cotton, 2014). Lawyers should listen to their clients and make sure they have enough information to form a case.
“Civil rights organization, such as the untied states on civil rights, the ACLU, and Amnesty International, will call for an end to unconstitutional searches and racial profiling, enhanced monitoring and training, better recruitment, and increased resources for the Civilian Complaint review” (Harcourt, 2004). However, even with several organizations working towards this the harassment still continues to rise in minority neighborhoods. The news has recently encountered new crimes that occur by the law enforcement everyday. The Ferguson case is not far from police brutality, consequently, people have focused on the fact that the victim looked like a robbery suspect and that was the initial reasoning for the shooting. Is it socially correct to shot an unarmed man or is it excessive force used by a firearm?
The question is can a comprehensive plan be put into action to stop future misconduct of law…

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