The Inventions Of Steve Jobs

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What would life be like if touch screen technology was never invented? What if products such as the iPhone and iPad were never invented? When the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, introduced the iPhone to the world, it revolutionized smartphones. Jobs helped to better develop modern technology with his inventions such as the iPhone and the iPad. If Jobs didn’t invent the iPhone, most phones today probably wouldn’t have a more technologically advanced touchscreen. Jobs’s inventions were ahead of time and that was the pathway to creating faster, more efficient technology. Jobs spent a lot of time when creating the iPhone because it would have a huge impact on the technology that would be created later in the future. He wanted perfection when creating …show more content…
In the early days of Apple, Jobs would often talk about Thomas Edison. Edison is credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory in Menlo Park, NJ (Romain Moisescot). This proves the thesis because Edison had a great impact on many people’s lives with the invention of the industrial research laboratory. That made Edison one of the multiple influences of Jobs and it exhilarated Jobs when creating a plethora of products. Edison had a great legacy because of the fact that he created the first research laboratory. What Edison accomplished is still important to this day because people work in industrial research laboratories daily.In addition, Akio Morita was a co-founder of Sony and became a role model to Jobs. Jobs was an immense admirer of Sony and talked about making Apple ‘the Sony of computers’ (Romain Moisescot). Akio Morita’s works helped Jobs be encouraged to make Apple, a very successful company. Morita helped shape Steve 's personality in being a better leader which led to a better legacy. Morita was important in history because to this day, Sony one of the most valuable companies in the world. And if Jobs didn 't have the role models that he had to look up to, there 'd probably be no Apple. Also, Jobs spoke of Henry Ford as a personal hero of his. Steve often made Ford’s famous quote, 'They can have it any color they …show more content…
It was Steve Jobs 's responsibility to get Apple back on track. When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, it was producing a random array of computers, including a dozen different versions of the Macintosh. After a few weeks of product review sessions, he’d finally had enough. ‘Stop!’ he shouted. ‘This is crazy’(Walter Isaacson). When Jobs returned after being fired, he noticed that Apple was working on too many computers at one time. He wanted Apple to focus on 1-3 products instead of a dozen also to get back on track, and he did. Apple had the right to create so many computers at one time but it made things difficult. But since it was Jobs 's amendability to get Apple back on track, he wanted to focus on a less amount of products. It’s important in history because that was the point when Jobs wanted to be successful again. He did this by focusing on 1-3 products at one time. He showed anger when he yelled from frustration after a week of product reviews. During the development of almost every product, Jobs at a certain point ‘hit the pause button’ and went back to the drawing board where he planned how products would be created because he felt that it wasn’t perfect (Walter Isaacson). Once Jobs returned to Apple, he wanted perfection from every product that was being created. He wanted perfection because he wanted Apple to become successful again. Steve Jobs believed that it was his

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