Essay on The Invention Of Thomas Edison

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Thomas Edison is most well-known for his numerous inventions, especially the incandescent light bulb. However, he also had a hand in a number of business ventures based on the sale of his inventions, and the idea of electricity as a utility. His companies were very successful for a time, and many remain to this day in some form or another, Edison’s decision to hold onto direct current ultimately led to some of his business failures and the loss of control of his company.
Even as a child, Edison was entrepreneurial and scientifically curious, he would sell candy and newspapers for money and run experiments in the train. At the age of 19, Edison became a telegrapher, allowing for close access to this technology. Furthermore, working the night shift allowed him plenty of downtime to experiment. He was then taken in by Franklin Leonard Pope, who allowed him to live and work in a room in his company. His first inventions were heavily based on the telegraph, including a stock ticker and electronic voting device.
In 1874, he sold the patent for quadruplex telegraph to Western Union for $10,000, which he used to build a research laboratory in Menlo Park , here his invention of the phonograph garnered him a lot of public attention. After beginning work on electric lighting in 1878, Edison started the Edison Electric Light Company with the backing of J. P. Morgan and the Vanderbilt family. He then publicly demonstrated his light bulb…

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