Essay The Invention Of The Volkswagen

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First, the history of Volkswagen began in 1904 in Germany when talking about a new way of transportation aside from the railroad started. Adolf Hitler was a fanatic of cars and soon after rising to power in 1934 and during the International Automobile and Motorcycle Exhibition in Berlin Hitler announce his interest on getting involve on the automobile industry. For Hitler automobiles represented “a symbol of national pride and technological prowess” (Kiley, 2002). In contrast, of been only a privilege for wealthy men he believed in the importance of creating a cheap, small car that could be considered “the people’s car” as a way to also give the opportunity to hardworking men to be able to have access to a vehicle. He also saw the importance of creating a car that could create more jobs and improve the economy of the country which was strongly affected after the Great Depression. Another important component of the creation of the Volkswagen was Ferninand Porsche. Porsche was a renowned auto designer who also had knowledge on electricity (Kiley, 2002). He also believed on the importance of creating an automobile for the more modest population. Hitler and Porsche’s first official meeting was on 1933 when the head of Auto Union introduce them. Hitler and Porsche meet later again in 1934 to discuss Porsche’s possible designs for an inexpensive car (Kiley, 2002). Hitler wanted a car that could go 40 miles per gallon, it had to be four-wheel rear-drive with a three-cylinder, have…

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