Essay about The Invention Of The Printing Press

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Have you ever done something, or watched something happening that entirely snowballed out of control? Its starts of as small or unknown but soon, has gained so much momentum or support that it is getting out of hand. This is what happened to Martin Luther, his movement gained so much support that more than a century years later it was a far cry from a man’s opinion in 16th century Germany. The protestant reformation was a big event in the church’s history that changed the way that people all over the world, even today practice christianity. In this essay I will cover main causes, effects as well as the event itself, and also why it’s considered an important event in the church’s history.

There are a few things that caused this event to come about.
Firstly an explosion of technology, one of the most widely publicised causes is the printing press. The invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440 was revolutionary. For the first time messages could travel further than word of mouth. If a message was to get around previously it could be written out or the town crier would tell those who were present, but it usually didn’t go far. But by the time Luther started to have his own ideas about Christianity a printing press could be used to print a few thousand sheets a day, and it was. Meaning it took merely weeks to get a message round Germany and a matter of months to spread through greater Europe.

This great invention also led to a subsequent cause of the…

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