The Invention Of The Printing Press Essay

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In the period characterized as modern, Europe underwent a series of influential changes which shaped this era of history spanning from the Middle Ages to the start of the Industrial Revolution. Certain key events provoked changes in social, political and economic areas that affected every member of the European society. Scientific and technological advancements, such as printing, along with the discovery of the New World and other lands coupled with the economic expansion of Europe are three of the most significant events that altered European history and still pose an importance today.
Technology and science have been a defining aspect of civilizations; particularly during the modern period these advances not only made life easier but also changed the lives of those it affected greatly. The invention of the printing press was one of the most significant events in Europe during this time and influenced the lives of the people by facilitating information and knowledge, thus causing more of the population to be educated. Printing became a business therefore causing more books to be made not only faster but cheaper because of the use of paper. This availability of knowledge, even to the middle class, threatened the secular power and they feared that their subjects might become too educated and start questioning certain aspects of daily life; this led to censorship in books. Furthermore, another significant scientific breakthrough was the newfound use for gunpowder and strategic…

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