Essay on The Invention Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution is the period in the world that the world as it was known began to truly change into the world that we know today. During this period several inventions were made that we still use even today.
These inventions include the successful harnessing of electricity, the automobile, telephones, radios, grocery stores, trolley cars systems, the airplane to name a few. Although before all of these wonderful tools, and methods that we as members of the twenty first century society enjoy, take for granted and most times abuse on a daily basis there were several changes that occurred before and alongside the technological breakthroughs of the Industrial Revolution that made it all possible.
According to Lewis Hackett of International World History Center, the three major things that contributed to the changes brought on by the Industrial Revolution were “1. The invention of machines to do the work of hand tools. 2. The use of steam, and later other kinds of power, in place of human muscle. 3. The adoption of the factory system.” (Hackett, 1992)
It was the use of machines that allowed for faster finish times on projects, which allowed buildings to be put up more rapidly, and taller than ever before. Also with the power tools of the time, metal could be bent, and cut more efficiently than with manual hand tools allow humans to construct some of the tallest buildings of all time. Also the advancement in tools allowed for the harnessing of steam power, this allowed…

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