The Invention Of The Imitation Game Essay

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The Imitation Game was developed in 1950 by Alan Turing. The goal of the game is to proof that a machine can think. In the game the interrogator must determine which one of the participants is a human and which one is the machine. He states that if a machine passes the test, there will be no question that the machine is undeniably thinking. He rises the argument of consciousness, the objection of Lady Lovelace’s, his responses and leave as with the question if the test is a good way to tell if a machine can think.

Turing’s game consists three participants, two participants and an interrogator. All members of the team in this game are unable to have any physical contact and do not have any knowledge of their identities. In addition, all players are situated in some separate rooms, complete alone and with the only option to communicate with each other through typed words. One member of this team is a woman (A), another a man (B) and a finally an interrogator (C). The interrogator labels them X & Y and his job is to revel if A is X or B is Y or vice versa.

The interrogator must use different typewritten tactics to expose the gender of the players, he cannot demand practical demonstrations, he also has a helper (B), who’s object in the game is to help the interrogator by possibly provide honest responses and finally the machine does not have to answer questions with the truth. The interrogator is given the task of trying to determine which player is a machine and which one…

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