Essay about The Invention Of The Diesel Engine

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The Invention of the diesel engine actually started with the early model of a gasoline engine, because of its poor efficiency. During 1878 Rudolf Diesel was going to Polytechnic High School of Germany. There he learned how the “Gasoline engine and steam engine were so low in efficiency.” This information about the Gasoline engine “inspired Diesel to create a newer engine with higher efficiency. Rudolf Diesel devoted lots of his time to creating a Combustion Power Engine. In “1892 Rudolf Diesel had made a patent for what we now call the diesel engine.”(How Diesel Engines Work. (2008). Retrieved March 09, 2016, from In a diesel engine, the air is compressed first, then the fuel is injected. Since the air heats up when it is compressed, the fuel ignites. Diesel engines use a four stroke combustion cycle like a gasoline engine. The four strokes are, “the intake stoke, the compression stroke, the combustion stroke, and the Exhaust stroke, (as shown here). In the intake stroke, the intake valve opens up, letting air in and moving the piston down. In the compression stroke, the piston moves back up and compresses the air. In the combustion stoke, when the piston reaches the top, the fuel is injected at the right moment and ignited, forcing the piston back down, In the Exhaust stroke, the piston moves back to the top, pushing the exhaust created from the combustion out of the exhaust valve.”-(How Diesel Engines Work. (2008). Retrieved March…

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