The Invention Of Reading And Writing Essay

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The invention of reading and writing created a mean of communication that allowed anyone to send any message to masses of people. The problem was that when this capability got into the wrong hands, the wrong message can be sent to the public. This is why those who are in power must take it upon themselves to control who is allowed to harness this technology and what is allowed to be written. The term “censura librorum” is a term used by the Catholic Church for the act of having religious officials review already published works and/or teachings. Their reason for doing this being that they want to “protect subjects from the ravages of a pernicious press” (Hilgers). There is a famous quote by Walter Benjamin which states that “History is written by the victors”. In the case of 16th century Christianity, they are the victors and they tried to not only write the history but also control the future. This essay will be analyzing 16th century Christianity and its use of review boards, excommunication, destruction of books, and the law to censor people and ideas which did not coincide with their beliefs in order to maintain their control and presence in the world.

First of all, councils were held by Catholic authorities to determine which works were suitable for the public. When a book was deemed acceptable by the church, it was given the status of “imprimatur”, which means to let it be printed. This declaration was usually only given to books based on religion from a catholic…

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