The Invention Of Heterosexuality By Jonathan Katz Essay

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Carley Cockrum
Dr. Liang
29 September 2015
The Invention of Heterosexuality The “Invention of Heterosexuality”, by Jonathan Katz, is an outline of his views on how heterosexuality and homosexuality are modern creations. His article traces the historical process by which these sexualities were created. The concept of “normal” and “natural” versus the “abnormal” and “unnatural” may seem self-explanatory and easy to define at first glance, but he offers a deeper insight into what he claims to be the ever-changing definitions of these four simple words. Were past centuries as sexually conservative as they have been perceived to be? Have there always been homosexual people or for a period of time were there only heterosexuals? How does this article apply to class lectures? To be able to understand the process in which these words came about, Katz directs our attention first to the Early Victorian True Love era (1820-1860). He begins his argument in this era because it is where scholars have been told that the repression against sexuality first began. Love during this time was exclusive to marriage and procreation; it is fair to say that the family was the corner stone of Victorian society. From women, there was not any form of inappropriate attraction or lusting after a man. The ideal of a true women “was defined by her distance from lust” (Katz); but these same values were not held as the standard for men. As talked about it class, the obvious double standard for…

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