The Invention Of Communication By Alexander Graham Bell And Thomas Watson

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“Mr. Watson, come here. I want you!” (Editors, 2015), tells us that this simple statement revolutionized communication on March 10, 1876, by Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson. Communication has come a long way since 1876 and boundaries are continuing to be pushed every day. Companies like Facebook and Google are attempting to reach the areas of the world that have given up hope of ever coming into the 21st century. How are they doing this? By taking to the skies and using their imaginations, much like Alexander Graham Bell did with the first telephone. To be able to appreciate the remarkable ingenuity and brilliance of today’s inventors we must go back in history where communication really got its start to see the backbone of technology today.
In the 19th century the Electric Telegraph was beginning to make long distance headlines thanks to scientist like Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail. A telegraph works by transmitting electrical signals over wire between two stations. Not only did Morse help to invent the telegraph but he also developed the code which assigned a series of dashes and dots to each letter of the alphabet allowing the person receiving the message a way to decipher it. In History of the Internet: A Chronology, 1843 to the Present, Moschovitis, Poole, Schuyler, and Senft make an interesting comparison that the “Morse code parallels the “on/off” nature of binary code--a series of zeroes and ones--used in modern computers.” (Moschovitis,…

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