The Invasion Of The Soviet Union Essay

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Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany, was a massive undertaking by an ambitious dictator during World War Two. It was an undeclared attack, breaking a non-aggression agreement, and came as a smashing blow to the Stalin and a welcome development to the Chamberlin. It changed the course of the war, affecting foreign relations, resulting in the Axis and Allied Alliances we know today. The failure of Operation Barbarossa is commonly seen as a direct cause of Hitler’s downfall as it opened a two front war for Germany, created a massive enemy out of an ally and ultimately led to the Big Three Alliance that came together to end the war. Although Operation Barbarossa is notoriously viewed as one of Hitler’s greatest blunders, war with the Soviet Union was inevitable and the decision to invade on June 22, 1941 was Germany’s best chance at winning World War Two. It was not a mistake, but rather a strategic military gamble worth the risk, considering the alternatives.
It all began after the First World War and the signing of the Versailles peace treaty. Hitler’s ability to gain popularity and the platform for which he campaigned were largely the result of a poorly formulated peace treaty following World War One. The Treaty of Versailles imposed devastating penalties on Germany, specifically: reparations, disarmament, loss of land and a Guilt Clause forcing Germany to take blame for the war. The treaty “caused anger and resentment among the German…

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