Essay on The Intouchables By Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo And Abdel Sellou

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The Intouchables” is based on a true story about Philippe Pozzo DI Borgo and Abdel Sellou. Their friendship is a truly inspiring story of two people who can come together through different hardships and differences to show us a beautiful example of what our relationships should look like. This film helps us to see people who can help each other become the greatest and most whole person they can be. We see two men who go off script from social norms and normalcy and show us that physical traits don’t matter for having good relationships. Compassion, love, and unselfishness throughout the film helps us to be able to gain new perspective on looking past our differences and using them to challenge each other and grow in our relationships.
I searched for interviews with the directors and found where the idea for the film began. “‘We discovered the story on TV in a documentary A La Vie, A La Mort almost ten years ago,’ Nakache said. ‘It wasn’t specifically about Abdel and Phillippe’ relationship, it was just about Phillippe who is from one of the wealthiest families in France” (Brown). The directors had a dream project of creating a comedy about a quadriplegic, and after reaching out to Philippe and seeing this story from Philipe’s perspective allowed the directors to see that there were two main characters to the story. They also were able to make their dream come true. Philippe agreed to allowing them to make this film about him, but only if they made people laugh and not cry.…

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