The Interview To Alice Walker's Lesson On Animal Rights

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Register to read the introduction… However people cannot understand that animals are not that different from us they feel pain and suffer just because they communicate different from humans we have to cause them pain. We all started off in this planet as equals just because we have evolved faster that the rest of the animal kingdom it does not give us the right to torture animals. "The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than blacks were made for whites or women made for men." Alice Walker (Author of "The Color Purple", Quotes)
Change takes time however support the "classified humane techniques under the headings of replacement, reduction: and refinement--now commonly known as the three Rs." (Russell, W.M.S. and R.L.) These are the goals to eventually give animals back what people took from them, there freedom. Replacement is new technology, that replaces the animals. Reduction is reducing the animals used in animal testing and refinement is perfect the science with no use of animals.
In the process to understand how people see animal rights. The interview to Huang Wen-Wen D.V.M. from Foothill Animal Hospital was
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What is your opinion on animal rights? That is a difficult subject because they are things that a support and do not support. I support animal testing with out animals we would not have some of the medical advancements we have today and do not support animal used for clothing.

Q. Do you think animals are essentially needed for laboratory experiments? In some cases yes. Our medical field has progressed doctors have developed alternatives to animal testing but they have not developed them

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