The Interview And Thanked The Interviewer Mr. Godwin Essay example

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Briefly introduced about the purpose of the interview and thanked the interviewer Mr. Godwin Dzah for his time. The interview began with a very interesting comment by Mr. Godwin on how he regarded himself as a citizen of the world. One of the traits of an individual who has travelled across the globe. He continued on with the introduction and mentioned apart from being a global citizen he is a Gahanna national. He had some bits of experience in North America especially Canada and America. Godwin expressed his professional interest as being a lawyer and development professional. He described his law practice to be more general including criminal and civil however his work as a development professional is more exclusively on natural resource governance and environmental protection. One of the reasons why he is more interested in this sector is because lot of the activities in Africa is extraction of natural resources like timber, gold, petroleum etc. Godwin has an immersive academic background with master’s degree in Law and he is pursuing PhD at University of British Columbia. His brief introduction gave an understanding about environmental problems faced by the people in Africa and it made me interested to know more about these.

I began the interview by giving the general idea shared by the world on how beautiful Africa is with all its biodiversity and culture. Godwin being extremely nice invited me to visit the continent.
My initial enquiry was to identify the common…

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