The Interview About Grenfell Campus Essay

1091 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
I arranged to have my interview of Tyler occur on February 15th, 2016 in Corner Brook Newfoundland. The interview took place in my Chalet on Grenfell campus. We were positioned around my bed in as comfortable position as possible which consisted of me sitting on the bed while Tyler knelt on the floor. This area of the Chalet tends to be the quietest spot therefore it made for a better recording and it is a place we both tend to feel quite relaxed in. The interview itself was about contrasting the various Newfoundland foodways that Tyler has experienced, in which he mainly focused on his family and home versus my home and my family’s ways. In describing the foodways we focused not only on the food itself but how that food and how it’s preparation was or was not important to the family system. The comfort level between me and Tyler during the interview was okay. Although we were comfortable with each other in person both him and me are not fans of being recorded and were a bit anxious about the entire process. This anxiousness could easily be felt throughout the interview, especially during the silence between questions and between responses. However, I feel that the interview went well. Tyler provided some very interesting insight into the foodways that separate his foodways from another that he has experience with, which in this case was that of my community. In saying this, I was quite intrigued in the differences between the two cultures. Although I too am part of the…

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